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Do you want to get paid 2, 5 or 10x more for your gigs?

Our courses are designed to help you make more money from your talent



Would you like to learn how to maximize your opportunities as a singer?

Would you like to learn how to get more profitable gigs at the more prestigious venues?

Would you like to learn how to maximise the amount of money you can charge for every gig you play?

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10 years ago I was singing in a pub in Norwich, a great little gig or so I thought. At the end of the night the barman gave me £100 and I made my way home in my Citroen ZX wondering to myself why some artists were getting paid 5, sometimes even 10 times more to play the bigger venues. So I started on a journey of discovery and within a few years I knew how! Now I’ve decided to share the system that took me to the top…

Too many people wait too long before they start pursuing their dreams and all it leaves us with is regret.

Why not start on yours today?


From part time pub singer to full time Wedding & Corporate singer.

From £120 a night for 4 hours of singing to over £500 a night for 2 hours of singing.

From The Dog & Duck to Chelsea Football Club.



Get Paid to Sing is the only course of it’s type designed to teach you a PROVEN method to make more money from your talent.

1) For people wanting to get into the function music industry

2) For people in the industry who want to be more successful


  • How to get off the mark and start getting paid to sing
  • How to set the appropriate goals you’ll need for your business to move forward
  • How to price yourself to maximize your potential profits (this is massive!)
  • How and when to work with agencies and when not to
  • How to use Social Media and Networking to build profitable business relationships
  • The things you should say (and not say) to potential clients to get tons more bookings
  • How to deal with rejection and stay on track building a career that lasts 
  • How to market your business online and off, and when you should pay for it!
  • Which gigs to go after and which to leave behind
  • How to go from part time to full time and if you should

Tommy was fantastic, you could tell that he had worked really hard and that he was honest about his experiences. It’s a good feeling to know that there is someone out there who is willing to give me a helping hand when I need one. 

Kirsty Rogers

(Kirsty attended an offline course and has since gone on to build a successful career!)


Over 20 units in 4 modules of exclusive, quality video content


Sharing from over 15 years of industry experience


Free membership to a supportive online community


Documents and files to help you get up and running


A coach who walks the walk and is successful in the industry

and thats’s not all…

You will also learn:

  • Where to source all the equipment you need….at the right price!
  • How to navigate the Public Liability and Industry Insurance minefield
  • Your responsibility in the area of taxes and self employment
  • How to prepare for a gig, and how to conduct yourself professionally on the day
  • Customer aftercare service and the importance of feedback and referrals
  • How to be successful over a number of years

By the end of the course you’ll not only have everything you need to use and expand your talent, you’ll also have the tools you need to start a profitable business!

Who is Tommy Winn?

Meet the man behind the method

Hi my name is Tommy Winn and I am the creator of Get Paid To Sing. I have been gigging and getting paid to do it since 2002. In those early years I would go around the pubs and clubs earning between £60 & £120 a night. In 2007 I made a decision to start looking at my singing as a product of a business rather than just something I did to earn some extra money from time to time. The decision changed my life and once I got all the building blocks in place, on average I starting making 5 to 10 times my original fee & travelling all over playing at amazing venues such as Blenheim Palace & Chelsea Football Club to name a couple! 

At 35 with a wonderful wife and children around my main focus is on gigging a little more close to home but even these gigs still earns me more than £500 a gig for a solo performance. 

My singing journey has been an amazing experience and even now I am still learning new things and pushing myself into new opportunities. Whilst it has not always been plain sailing the joy and excitement this job has brought me is immeasurable and to launch Get Paid To Sing and offer others the benefit of my knowledge and experience and help them on their own journey if a real honor and a privilege. 


“I have been in the entertainment business for over 20 years. I’ve always wanted to know the best path to take to promote and gain extra work. 

Tommy was able to deliver some facts and advice and demonstrate a structured process that would lead to more people viewing my website as well as shedding some light on the uncertainties I had about the profession”

Phil Atkinson


1: All the hard work will be over once you have completed the course. 

2: Once you have bought this course you will never have any other outgoings.

3: Once you have completed this course you will never face any challenges and it will ALL be fun and games and drinking champagne. 

4: Everything I share with you will be completely brand new to you (I am sure I will go over things you already know and do) .

5: I can guarantee you success. 

That last point is important because ‘Get Paid  To Sing’ essentially is my story, it is what I did to achieve success. But the reason I created this online course is because I believe the steps I took are not exclusive. In fact I can say that without a shadow of doubt because I have spoken to many other people who have said the same things worked for them too and have worked with people in face to face groups and 1 to 1 who have implemented my advice and made a success.

If you are now going to click buy then I want to welcome you, I am so excited for you and I feel a connection with you because….you are me!…we are just on different timelines in our career 


“Tommy’s consultation was excellent. It was a great opportunity to comprehensively consider all aspects of my act. From setting goals, social networking, contracts, customer care, marketing and various other brainstorming ideas.  I appreciated having his expert attention and left his care much wiser than when I arrived.”

Phil Davison


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